Be inspired by the top interior trends of 2022

With a new year comes a fresh focus, as well as a host of new and exciting trends for the year ahead. Although we are firm believers of finding your own personal style and what works for you, your home and your lifestyle, we also like to take inspiration from trends and incorporate these into our own home and décor schemes. Read on to see what some of the must-have trends are for the year ahead...

Sustainable Living & Natural Materials
For 2022 there continues to be a focus on the natural world and living a more sustainable life, as well as a sense of optimism and hope. Here at The Den & Now, we stock a wide range of sustainably produced products, which are made from sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled and reclaimed materials. Handmade by skilled artisans, these products also support local communities and promote the welfare of workers, including through non-profit organisations and initiatives such as Goodweave. Browse some of our favourite sustainable gifts and homeware products here.Sustainable Living | Interior Trends 2022Sustainable Living | Interior Trends 2022Clockwise from left to right:  Bamboo Room Screen Dividers, Antique Gold Braided Baskets, Palm Leaf Tapered Wall Hanging and The Foraged Home Book.

As a business we are committed to becoming more sustainable and environmentally conscious, whilst aligning ourselves with brands who are ethically and socially responsible, who promote good labour and meet the highest of standards throughout their supply chains - you can read more about our sustainability commitment here

Statement Lighting
From handcrafted, sculptured shades to statement pendants and wall light. This year it's all about eye-catching lighting, which as well as being functional and practical, is also a piece of art. Choose from natural shades beautifully handcrafted from sustainable materials such as rattan and seagrass, to handcrafted metal lights with an industrial or contemporary sculptured design. Interior Trends 2022 | Statement LightingInterior Trends 2022 | Statement LightingClockwise from left to right: Rattan Natural Spiral Shell Light Shades and ARCFORM Arc Brushed Gold & Matte Black Pendant Cluster Lights, Natural & Black Round Light Shade, Gold Dome Table Lamp and Gold Dome Floor Lamp.

A personal favourite, Japandi has been one of the most influential trends of the last few years, and isn’t showing signs of going anywhere soon! The perfect, stylish fusion of minimal Scandinavian design meets Japanese influences - think calming spaces, sleek lines, natural materials and a neutral colour palette. Japandi brings together the Danish concept of "hygge", which is more about a way of life than a trend, but encompasses a feeling of cosiness and contentment, and a sense of well-being and the Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi”, the acceptance of transience and the imperfect, and finding beauty in the simplicity. 

Off the back off Japandi is the trend for slatted walls, which is also being seen within slatted furniture and fluted homeware

Japandi | Interior Trends 2022

Japandi | Interior Trends 2022Clockwise from left to right: Osaka Oak Large Dining Table, Nara Black Wishbone Chairs, Stoneware Textured Vases, Osaka Oak Coffee Table, Kobe Natural Single Daybed, Grey Textured Abstract Vase and Kyoto Black Mango Wood Sideboard.

Mid-Century Modern
Clean lines and stylish, functional design has long made Mid-Century Modern the epitome of style and desirability, and as a result is one long-term 'trend' that never seems to wane. For 2022, the 1960's and 70's are having their moment and with a move towards a more sustainable way of life, Mid-Century Modern is more of a long term relationship and proven investment, rather than a short lived fad.
Mid Century Modern | Interior Trends 2022

Mid Century Modern | Interior Trends 2022

Clockwise from left to right: Dark Grey Linen Mid-Century Armchair, Malmo Wood & Marble Media Unit, Brown Leather Mid-Century ArmchairCopenhagen Oak Extending Dining Table, Bench and Bergen Grey Dining Chairs.

The trend for bringing the outdoors in has become more of a way of life in recent years, seen by the over-arching trend for biophilic design - defined as surrounding yourself with nature and natural materials in order to feel a connection with the outside world. This is also driven by the strong shift towards sustainable and eco-conscious products, and a move away from the throw-away culture of the last decade.

Our connection with nature and the desire to get outdoors has only increased in the last year, following months spent in lockdown. In turn this has made us more appreciative of our outdoor spaces and the natural world, and given us a greater understanding of the importance and benefits of surrounding ourselves with greenery and nature.

We've always been big fans of adding greenery around the home, from faux botanicals or fresh foliage, to botanical infused homeware. It's often the small touches that can lift a mood and make a big difference!
Green | Interior Trends 2022Green | Interior Trends 2022Clockwise from left to right: Green Glass Round VaseCeramic Green Leaf Plant PotsRound Forest Green Velvet Fringed Pouffe FootstoolFaux Large Eucalyptus Spray and Botanical Leaf Print Cushion.

One of the stand out trends of last year, Cottagecore focuses on the idea of simple, self-sufficient rural slow living, surrounded by nature - as well embracing a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of life. This particular trend became increasingly popular and continues to grow in popularity, and much like 'hygge', embraces a way of living and a lifestyle - think woodland walks, babbling brooks and slow mornings spent baking sourdough or picking wildflowers from the garden. 

For 2022 the trend continues to evolve and is often open to interpretation. From nostalgic country décor, vintage one-off pieces, reclaimed finds and floral designs, to a more more contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic, incorporating natural woods and materials, and neutral tones.
Cottagecore | Interior Trends 2022Cottagecore | Interior Trends 2022Clockwise from left to right: Rustic Wooden Console Table, Natural Linen Mid-Century Armchair, Join Vegan Hedgerow Shea Buttter SoapNordic Grey Extending Dining Table, dining chairs and bench, and Uashmama Brown Paper Bags.

Sleep Sanctuary
With bedrooms, as well as living rooms, doubling as 'work from home' (WFH) and office spaces during the pandemic, this year we’re seeing a strong trend for bedrooms to become calming sanctuaries - somewhere to retreat to and unwind, away from the daily stresses and work environment. Decluttering and adding comfort in the way of soft throws, textured cushions and seating, in neutral tones and natural materials, is a simple and effective way to create the ultimate relaxation space.
Bedroom Sanctuary | Interior Trends 2022Bedroom Sanctuary | Interior Trends 2022Clockwise from left to right: Natural Sand Organic Cotton Throw, Seagrass Storage Fringed Basket with Handles, Grey Cotton Abstract Duo Face Rug, Bamboo Fan Wall Hanging Decor, Natural Brushed Organic Cotton Checked Throw and Pillows, Osaka Oak Bed Frame and Bedside Table, Natural Linen-Mid-Century Sofa, Natural Aztec Boho Cushion, Natural Jute Round Rug.

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