Inspiring interior trends of 2023

From the standout trend of the year, Comfortcore and oceanic trend Waves, to the nostalgic Heritage, see the top four interior trends which are set to influence our homes this year and how to incorporate and adapt them into your own lifestyle and décor schemes...

Our favourite and most calming trend of the year, Comfortcore offers comfort, respite and stability. After what's been a turbulent and unsettling few years, due to a global pandemic and a number of lockdowns, there has been a growing focus towards turning your home into a sanctuary and tranquil haven. Think cocooning furniture, rounded forms, curves, tactile textures and soft natural tones.

Browse the Comfortcore collection here.Comfortcore | The Den & NowComfortcore | The Den & Now

Be inspired by this year's Wave and oceanic trend. Think clear blue summer seas, white sandy shores, and an overarching sense of calmness and tranquillity. From wave inspired outlines and ripple effects to organic shell forms. Materials meanwhile are inspired by the ocean and its surroundings, from natural seagrass and palm leaves, to organic cotton and sea buckthorn.

Browse the Heritage collection here.Waves | The Den & NowWaves | The Den & Now
With a nod to sustainability, upcycling and investment pieces, the Heritage trend embraces a sense of nostalgia and the past. From vintage style furniture, retro accessories, and classic design, to wall panelling, reeded glass and a vintage inspired colour palette. This trend is all about investing in pieces which are built to last, quality design and longevity.

Browse the Heritage collection here.Heritage | The Den & NowHeritage | The Den & Now

Influenced by self-care and creating a sanctuary within your home, there has been a growing trend towards spa-inspired bathrooms - somewhere to relax back after a long day, or find a few moments of calm. Think warmer neutral shades, natural materials and textures, design-led lighting and luxe finishes.Spathroom | The Den & NowImage credit: Pinterest

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