The top interior trends for 2024

Whether you're looking to update your home for the new season, or planning some major home renovations this year, we've collated the top interior trends for 2024. Read on to find out which key trends are expected to influence our homes this year...

Curved Silhouettes
Retro influences and styles are combined with organic rounded shapes, scalloped edges and natural materials, helping to create statement pieces as well as a sense of comfort and cosiness. Boucle is also continuing to have it's moment, adding instant softness and texture.

Seating in particular is heavily influenced by this trend, with curved backs and cocooning shapes. Softer, rounded silhouettes can also be seen across other categories, including dining tables and cabinets, lighting and home accessories. 

Watch out for our new 2024 collections which will feature design-led curved silhouettes, launching soon!

Shop the Curved Silhouettes trend.Curved Silhouettes | The Den & NowCurved Silhouettes | The Den & Now

Combining a retro aesthetic and natural curves, both key trends this year, rattan is continuing to prove hugely popular in 2024.

Helping to add texture and calmness, by bringing the outdoors in and embracing the natural world around us, the versatility of rattan means it works well within both a classical style settings as well as more contemporary inspired interiors.

Another key benefit of rattan is that it's a fast-growing natural raw material, making it an extremely sustainable choice, as we continue to become more environmentally responsible.

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Rattan | The Den & NowRattan | The Den & Now

The Art Of Display
Bring some instant personality to a space with one of the biggest living room trends of the year. This mood evoking trend embraces displaying a curated array of collectibles and personal objects to bring instant joy and add creativity to a space.

Sideboards, display cabinets, shelving and mantlepieces are ideal places to create vignettes, which can be updated and refreshed as and when throughout the year.

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The Art Of Display Trend | The Den & Now

Retro Revival
Retro inspired interiors is one of the overarching trends in 2024, from Mid Century influenced design to the 1970's. This is also influenced by last year's Heritage trend and the ongoing focus on sustainability and longevity, as we look to buy more consciously and invest in quality pieces, built to last - from vintage style furniture and accessories to retro lighting. Think dark woods, shaggy textured rugs, statement mirrors and low to the floor retro style furniture.

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Retro Revival | The Den & NowRetro Revival | The Den & Now

Earthy Tones
Known for promoting a sense of well-being and a feeling of calmness and tranquillity, earth and nature inspired colours are predicted to increase in popularity for 2024. From rich browns, deep oranges, clay, terracotta and natural shades, to deep forest and foliage greens. 

Peach Fuzz was announced as Pantone Colour Of The Year 2024, whilst Dulux named Sweet Embrace as their choice - "a kind, delicate tone that brings a feeling of positivity to our lives." Pastel shades and sunset yellow are also gaining popularity. Meanwhile blues and greens continue to reign supreme.
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