The Top Interior Trends you'll love in 2021

It's always exciting to see what the new trends will be for the year ahead, though here at the Den we are also firm believers of finding your own personal style and what works for you and your lifestyle. But if like us you love to incorporate the latest trends into your home and interior schemes, then read on to discover which interior trends are tipped to be big in 2021...

One of our favourite trends of last year, Japandi shows no signs of going anywhere soon! The perfect, stylish fusion of minimal Scandinavian design meets Japanese influences - think calming spaces, sleek lines, natural materials and a neutral colour palette. It's no surprise these two design styles work so well together. The Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced "hoo-ga") is more about a way of life than a trend, but encompasses a feeling of cosiness and contentment, and a sense of well-being. Then there's the Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi”, the acceptance of transience and the imperfect, and finding beauty in the simplicity. This is one trend we can get fully onboard with!Japandi | Interior Trend 2021 | The Den & NowImage Credit: Pinterest and

Get the look...Japandi Trend | The Den & NowJapandi Trend | The Den & NowClockwise from left to right: Black Tokyo Paper Planters (from £22.50), Oriental Oyster Grey Medium Cabinet (£399), Bamboo Fan Wall Hanging Decor in gold and copper (£89) and Black Terracotta & Bamboo Round Vase (£19.90)

More of a cultural movement than a trend, Cottagecore focuses around the idea of simple, self-sufficient rural slow living, surrounded by nature - as well embracing a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of life. This particular trend became increasingly popular last year and continues to grow in popularity, and much like 'hygge', embraces a way of living and a lifestyle - think woodland walks, babbling brooks and slow mornings spent baking sourdough or picking wildflowers from the garden. 

For 2021 however the trend has evolved and encompasses nostalgic country décor but with more contemporary elements, often with a simple, stripped back Scandinavian aesthetic.

Cottagecore | The Den & NowCottagecore | The Den & NowClockwise from left to right: Nordic Grey Sideboard Servery (£479), Faux Potted Thyme Plant (£14.90), Natural Brushed Organic Cotton Checked Pillow (£29.90) and Recycled Glass Drinking Glass (£4.90 each)


Defined as surrounding yourself with nature and natural materials in order to feel a connection with the outside world, the biophilia interior trend has been growing in recent years as we continue to see a strong shift towards sustainable and eco-conscious products, in an increasing bid to ditch the plastic and move away from the throw-away culture of the last decade. Overall there's been a strong move towards the re-purposing and reusing of products, which is why vintage and reclaimed furniture, are having their moment.

This nature rooted trend has extended further for 2021 to embrace biophilic design - when plants, as well as larger installations and living green walls, are incorporated into designs by architects and designers, as part of the original construction plans or renovation of a building, rather than added through interior decorating later on.

The increased need for wellness and self-care in the last year due to the global Covid-19 pandemic is seen as part driver for the continued growth of this trend. Surrounding yourself with plants in your home is shown to have many positive effects, from improving concentration and moods, to reducing stress levels. You can read more about the benefits of plants here.

Key materials within the biophilia trend are rattan, raw wood, stone and slate.

Biophillia | The Den & NowImage credit: Pinterest and

Get the look...Biophillia | Reclaimed Rustic Furniture Collection | The Den & NowBiophillia | Eco Friendly & Sustainable Gifts | The Den & NowClockwise from left to right: Faux Monstera 'Cheese Plant' Leaf (£12.50), Industrial Rustic Freestanding Storage Cupboard (£679), Rattan Natural Jewellery Box (£20) and Palm Leaf Tapered Wall Hanging (£28)

The New Neutral
As Pantone announced grey and yellow as their colour of the year, Dulux chose the warm, natural shade of Brave Ground. A lovely calming and stabilising neutral, designed to bring a feeling of balance to a room. It also creates the perfect base to centre other colours around.

"What has emerged from our trend forecast this year is that we’re all reassessing what really matters in our lives. We’re taking stock and finding a new and positive way forward by having faith in ourselves, working together, building on the past and planning for the future. It takes courage to embrace change and our homes can help provide a solid and supportive foundation, as well as giving us the scope to be creative." - DuluxDulux Colour of the Year 2021Dulux Colour of the Year 2021Image Credit: Dulux

Green Kitchens
From subtle sage and soft olive, to rich forest green and emerald shades, 2021 is all about the greens when it comes to kitchen design. Cabinets are the main focal point for this trend, though green can be incorporated through tiles or wall colour.

Neutral shades and materials, such as wood and marble, work well against greens to bring balance. Whilst bold black or metallics such as brass add a stylish and sophisticated touch.

Green Kitchens | Magnet | The Den & NowGreen Kitchens | Howdens & Trim Design Co | The Den & Now

Image Credit: Magnet, Howdens and Trim Design Co 

Compliment with brass or black lighting...

Industrial Lighting | The Den & NowIndustrial Lighting | The Den & NowClockwise from left to right: Industrial Brooklyn Giant Step Pewter Pendant Ceiling Light by Industville (£89), Industrial Brooklyn Dome Brass Pendant Light by Industville (£69), Industrial Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant Light by Industville (£109) and Vintage Sleek Brass Edison Light by Industville (£29)

Hybrid Rooms
As many of us adapt to WFH (working from home) alongside home schooling and the every day work life juggle, the need for your home to adapt to your needs has never been greater. Whether it's zoning off an area within a room or creating a multi functional space, there's lots of creative ways to make your home work for you.

Get the look...Hybrid Space | Work From Home | The Den & NowHybrid Space | Work From Home | The Den & NowClockwise from left to right: Copenhagen Oak Console Table (£350) and Round Mirror (£290), Mesh Noticeboard (£85), Industrial Rustic Low Bookcase (£289) and No Diggity Lyric Typography Print (from £14)

Image sharing platform, Pinterest predicts that in 2021 kitchen shelves are tipped to be the new gallery walls. Open shelves in kitchens have been gaining popularity in recent years - it's an effective way to open out the space and create curated focal points, adding personality and interest to the room. Eclectic pieces, varying sizes and interesting textures is a simple but effective way to style the ultimate shelfie. We also love to add greenery such as trailing plants and succulents to our own shelves - faux botanicals are a great way to go if you don't want to worry about the upkeep or mess!Shelfie | The Den & NowImage Credit: Pinterest

Get the look...Faux Botanicals | The Den & NowKitchen Storage & Accessories | The Den & NowClockwise from left to right: Palmistry Phrenology Hand Ornament (£19.50), Faux String of Beads (£12.50), Stoneware Face Black Candle Holder (£10) and Illustrated Kiss Artist Coffee Mug (£10) and matching plate.

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