Botanical Inspired Shelf Styling Ideas for Spring

Here at the Den we are big fans of bringing the outdoors in and love to incorporate plants in and around our own home. Botanical inspired homeware and the use of greenery has been at the forefront of interior trends for several years now, especially as we look for a more sustainable way of living, with green walls and biophilia (defined as surrounding yourself with nature and natural materials in order to feel a connection with the outside world) tipped to be two of the biggest trends for 2020.

But whether you follow trends or not, we would always recommend adding a few plants here and there. So with this in mind, we thought we would share some shelf styling ideas and tips with you on how to bring a touch of greenery into your home, in a simple yet stylish way...

Botanical Plant Shelf Styling | The Den & Now

Our Tips:

  • Use a variety of plants to make it more interesting and add focal points. We've used a select range of different styles of plants, including trailing ceropegia woodii and senecio rowleyanus (more commonly known as string-of-pearls) and more structured plants like the syngonium podophyllum (also known as the goosefoot plant) peperomia ferreyrae and smaller succulents. We love how the string-of-pearls (bottom right) drapes over the side of the shelf and adds softness to break the lines of the shelf.

Botanical Plant Shelf Styling | The Den & NowBotanical Plant Shelf Styling | Plant Selection  | The Den & NowPlants from left to right: Himalayan Senecio, Syngonium Arrow (Goosefoot Plant), Peperomia Ferreyrae, Ceropegia Woodii, Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls) and selection of succulents.


Why are plants so beneficial in the home? 

  • Plants release oxygen whilst absorbing carbon dioxide, which basically cleans and eliminates toxins, improving the quality of the air that we breathe. 
  • Surrounding yourself with plants is shown to have many positive effects, from improving concentration and moods, to reducing stress levels.
  • It doesn't matter how small your home is, there's always room for a plant or two, and who doesn't love the idea of creating a little sanctuary away from the stresses, and hustle and bustle of the outside world!
  • And don't forget, you can always cheat and go for some faux greenery, for minimal upkeep and mess!


Why not share yours?

    We hope this has inspired you to get creative with some indoor planting and styling. Why not share yours via social media and tag us @thedenandnow using #botanicalintheden

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