Say you'll be mine | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Treat a loved one, friend or even yourself, with a thoughtful gift for the home this Valentine's Day. Choose from our range of industrial style picture frames, jewellery stands and trinket dishes, to handcrafted vases, natural 100% soy wax candles and decorative home accessories...

Picture frames...
Black Industrial Double Picture Frame Black Industrial Hanging Picture Frame Industrial Standing Picture Frame Gold Geometric Wire Photo Noticeboard
From left to right: Black Industrial Double Picture Frame (£14.00), Black Industrial Style Hanging Picture Frame (£9.50), Industrial Standing Picture Frame (£14.50) and Gold Geometric Wire Photo Noticeboard (£17.00).

Jewellery stands and trinket dishes...
Brass & Marble Jewellery Stand Brass Bee Hive Jewellery Dish Desert Skull Trinket Dish Follow Your Dreams Trinket Dish
From left to right: Brass & Marble Jewellery Stand (£22.50), Brass Bee Hive Jewellery Dish (£13.00), Desert Skull Trinket Dish (£11.50) and Follow Your Dreams Trinket Dish (£9.50).

Candles and decorative accessories...
Vintage Brass Candlesticks Brass Origami Crane Gold Dip Effect Votive P.F. Candle Co. No. 21 Golden Coast Soy Candle
From left to right: Vintage Brass Candlesticks (£19.50), Brass Origami Crane (£29.50), Gold Dip Effect Votive (£6.50) and P.F. Candle Co. No. 21 Golden Coast soy candle (£20.00) 

Vases and planters...
Vintage Style Vases Concrete Planter Bronze Bulb Vase Pyramid & Cube Glass Terrariums
From left to right: Vintage Style Vases (from £9.50), Concrete Planter (£7.50), Bronze Bulb Vase (£7.50) and Pyramid and Cube Glass Terrariums (from £24.50).

Prints, Books & Wall Hangings...
Warehouse Home Book Macrame Wall Hanging - Blush Pink Wholesome Abstract Art Print Vintage Hanging Wall Map
From left to right: Warehouse Home Book (£24.95), Macrame Wall Hanging in Blush Pink (£29.50), Wholesome Abstract Art Print (available in size A3 and A2, from £20.00) and Vintage Hanging Wall Map (£22.50).

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