Introducing Our NEW Industrial Lighting Range

Make a statement in your home with our latest new arrivals - our handcrafted lighting range by Industville.

New Arrivals | Industrial Lighting | The Den & Now

The range includes the arrivals of some exciting new styles to our store, as well as some updated designs. Choose from vintage inspired retro factory lights and wire cage pendants, to nautical style bulkhead wall mounted lights. Finishes include brass, copper, pewter, dark pewter and rust, whilst prices range from £29.00 up to £289.00. There is also the option to add a vintage Edison LED bulb by Industville, available in six different styles, to your order. 

New Arrivals | Industrial Lighting | The Den & NowNew Arrivals | Industrial Lighting | The Den & Now

Our versatile range of industrial lights are ideal for use throughout the home, from a bedroom, hallway or dining area, to a bathroom or kitchen. The wall mounted lights are also suitable for use outside, in the garden or on the exterior of a building.

We hope you like our latest new arrivals! You can browse our full lighting collection here.

For information regarding deliveries, please refer to our Delivery & Returns policy.

Happy shopping folks!

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Image credits: Industville Lighting, Clerkenwell, Andy Haslam Photography, Queen of Hoxton, Kennigton Business Centre and Fat Walrus New Cross

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