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We're big fans of the industrial trend, which in recent years, and due to its continued popularity and versatility, has become less of a 'trend' and more of a lifestyle choice. It also perfectly compliments one of this years biggest interior trends, concrete. This hard-wearing material has an understated coolness about it, yet the rustic nature of concrete also has a softness and almost artisan quality to it. Concrete can be used in so many ways around the home, from lighting, walls and flooring, to kitchen worktops and bathroom sinks... 

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But you don't need to undergo major home renovation work or expense to introduce concrete into your home... why not opt for a concrete candle pot, or one of our small indoor planters or even a set of geometric candlesticks to add to a stylish statement to a table, shelf or mantelpiece. After all, it's the small touches that make a big difference!  

 Concrete Candle Pot | The Den & Now Concrete Planter | The Den & Now Concrete & Gold Candlestick | The Den & Now

For more information and to browse all things concrete or industrial inspired, head over to our STYLE section on our online store.

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