Our First Day!

After years spent dreaming and six busy, but very enjoyable months in the planning, The Den & Now has launched and we're just a tad excited!

So who are we and what makes us different? The Den & Now is an online emporium, bringing together unique homeware from the past and present, all in one place. We stock an edited selection of furniture and home accessories; from one-off vintage and reclaimed finds, to industrial and contemporary pieces. We also have an array of unusual decorative pieces for the home and handcrafted lighting.

All of our product is handpicked, which means we only choose pieces which we believe have a unique design and quality. Many of the items we stock are one-off pieces, which means you won't find another one exactly the same anywhere else!

As well as offering unique product we also offer a bespoke personal shopping service for our customers - so if there's something that you've seen on our store which is either out of stock, or not quite what you were looking for (perhaps it's a little too big or the wrong colour) then why not get in touch either by email at info@thedenandnow.co.uk or call us on 01244 911 890 and we'll be happy to help.

We hope you enjoy perusing our store as much as we enjoyed creating it - happy shopping folks!

The Den & Now

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