Trend News: Desert Chic

One of the year's hottest trends, desert chic takes its influence from a desire to travel and escape to far-flung places; drawing inspiration from Mexico and South America, to the plains of Africa. This bohemian infused trend is easily adaptable and can add an instant calmness to a space. Alternatively add a little colour for a fun and vibrant look!

To get the look in your home, choose from quirky cactus infused home accessories, faux botanicals and glass terrariums, to bring a touch of the outdoors in; to textured stone finished vases, rustic seagrass storage baskets and printed cotton woven throws...

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Get the desert chic look in your home...

Creased Paper Planter | The Den & Now Stone Finish Ceramic Vase | Stone Grey Ceramic Vase | The Den & Now Seagrass Storage Baskets | The Den & Now Cactus Chalkboard | The Den & Now Diamond Woven Cotton Throw | The Den & Now Cactus Print Cushion | The Den & Now Faux Green Succulent | The Den & Now Glass Pyramid Terrarium | Glass Cube Terrarium | The Den & Now Cactus Money Box | The Den & Now 

From left to right, from top: Creased Paper Planter available in three sizes (from £7.50), Stone Finish Ceramic Vase available in round and tall (from £17.50) and Stone Grey Ceramic Vase (£29.50), pair of Seagrass Storage Baskets (£29.50), Cactus Chalkboard (£14.50), Faux Cactus available in small and large (from £9.50), Diamond Woven Cotton Throw (£49.50) and Geometric Recycled PET Rug (£69.00), Cactus Print Cushion (£22.50), Faux Green Succulent (£8.50), Glass Pyramid Terrarium (£29.50) and Glass Cube Terrarium (£24.50) and Cactus Money Box (£14.50)

For more ideas on how to incorporate the desert chic trend in your home, head over to our style section. For information regarding deliveries, please refer to our Delivery & Returns policy.

Happy shopping folks!

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