New Arrivals | Summer Collection

We've welcomed some exciting new arrivals to the Den this week, from sustainable wall hangings handcrafted from bamboo and palm leaves and recycled PET Mandala rugs, to pieces inspired by abstract line-drawn faces - one of the year's hottest trends! 

New Arrivals | Mandala Black Braided Round Rug | The Den & Now

We love to bring the outdoors in here in the Den and what better time to embrace the great outdoors than in the warmer summer months. Choose from our new faux botanicals range, including eucalyptus sprays, succulents and string of pearls, to Danish designed home accessories made from rustic natural materials such as stoneware, rattan and seagrass.

New Arrivals | Botanicals | The Den & Now

This season we've also launched a NEW industrial rustic furniture collection which comprises of a stylish large shoe cabinet, side table and freestanding shelving unit and storage cupboard - which ensure there's amble storage space for all of the family! Each piece is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen and made from solid rough sawn wood with industrial metal framework. The wood itself is treated with a satin lacquer which helps to extenuate the natural detailing of the wood, whilst also providing a resilient hard-wearing finish.

And last but not least, we've added to our industrial lighting range with some vintage sleek Edison wall lights by Industville, available in a brass or a pewter finish. The versatile lights are ideal for use in any room, from bedside lights in a bedroom or vanity wall lights in a bathroom, to mood lighting or side lights in a living space, porch or hallway.

New Arrivals | The Den & Now

We hope you like our latest new arrivals as much as we do!

For information regarding deliveries, please refer to our Delivery & Returns policy.

Happy shopping folks!

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