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Global Nomad, one of the year's hottest interior trends, shines the spotlight on unique handmade artisan products from around the world. Natural materials such as rattan, seagrass and bamboo, are combined with textures from soft tactile materials, tassels and fringing, to raw edging and woven macrame.

Global Nomad | Interior Trend Inspiration | The Den & Now Global Nomad | Interior Trend Inspiration | The Den & Now 

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Cushions, rugs, storage baskets and lighting are all great ways to introduce the Global Nomad trend into your home. Choose from stylish seagrass artisan woven and pom pom baskets, and Goodweave leather woven rug; to rattan and seagrass natural light shades, and macrame wall hangings.

Natural Shaggy Moroccan Cushion | The Den & Now Seagrass Artisan Woven Baskets | The Den & Now Seagrass Natural Light Shade | The Den & Now Stone Finish Ceramic Vase | The Den & Now 
Leather Woven Rug | The Den & Now Rattan Natural Light Shade | The Den & Now Gold Dip Effect Votives | The Den & Now Desert Skull Trinket Dish | The Den & Now Macrame Wall Hanging - Dusky Grey | The Den & Now Seagrass Pom Pom Storage Baskets | The Den & Now Diamond Woven Cotton Throw | The Den & Now Vintage Hanging Wall Map | The Den & Now 

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