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Get organised for the back to school and new Autumn term with our range of stationary and storage solutions. Choose from our fun Wooden Weekly Memo Board, Chalkboard Weekly Planner and quirky Wire Illustrated Bike Paper Clips (also available in an elephant and zebra design), to our Scandinavian inspired Seagrass Storage Baskets, industrial Wire Wall Rack and Natural Rope Knot Door Stop.

You can browse our full range of stationary and storage solutions here.

Wooden Weekly Memo Board | The Den & Now Chalkboard Weekly Planner | The Den & Now Wire Illustrated Bike Paper Clip | The Den & Now
Natural Rope Knot Door Stop | The Den & Now Wire Wall Rack | The Den & Now Seagrass Storage Baskets | The Den & Now

Clockwise, from left: Wooden Weekly Memo Board (£9.50), Chalkboard Weekly Planner (£22.50), Wire Illustrated Bike Paper Clips also available in an elephant and zebra design (£3.90 per pack), Seagrass Storage Baskets (£29.50)Wire Wall Rack (£19.50) and Natural Rope Knot Door Stop (£29.50).

For information regarding deliveries, please refer to our Delivery & Returns policy.

Happy shopping folks!

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