Salvaged Vintage

If you're anything like us, you'll be more than familiar with that warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling you get when you come across a new (well, technically old!) vintage or salvaged find for your home. Whether it's something practical that you've been hunting for for a while, or something, well that you don't actually need, but you know just the place to display it!

The real beauty of vintage and salvaged is that no two pieces are ever the same. Those minor flaws and the general wear and tear that's accumulated over the years, not only tells a story but adds character and an unrivalled charm and beauty; in turn adding a sense of individuality and uniqueness to a home.

Below are just some of the interiors, channelling vintage and salvaged, that inspire us...

Source: via Pinterest Source: via Pinterest Source: via Pinterest Source: via Pinterest Source: via Pinterest 

Click on above images for credits. Source: Pinterest

Now, get the look with some of our favourite vintage and salvaged finds, from milk churns and surveyors tripod to wooden crates and leather luggage - all available exclusively through our online store...

The Den & Now | Reclaimed Industrial Wooden Shelving Unit  The Den & Now | Vintage Milk Churns The Den & Now | Vintage Surveyor's Tripod & Theodolite 
The Den & Now | Vintage Wooden Shoe Mould Lasts The Den & Now | Vintage Leather Luggage The Den & Now | Vintage Wooden Crates 

Also, don't be afraid to mix vintage with contemporary and industrial. Interior design may be influenced by trends, but it's about creating a space that's personal to you and your style.

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