NEW Autumn Arrivals

Inspired by autumn, we've been busy hand sourcing and curating a selection of seasonal homeware, from natural slate and wood, to aqua green glass. The new arrivals are now available through The Den & Now online store and Facebook Shop.

Vintage Wooden Cutlery Table | The Den & Now Vintage Wooden Cutlery Table | The Den & Now Vintage Wooden Cutlery Table | The Den & Now 
Vintage Glass Medicine Bottles | The Den & Now Slate Coasters | Buy Unique Homeware | The Den & Now Vintage Wooden Shoe Mould Lasts | The Den & Now

 (from top left to bottom right):

Jacobean style Vintage Wooden Cutlery Table (circa. 1915 - 1920). The top of the table and front drawer both open to reveal a 55-piece set of Firth stainless steel cutlery by Sheffield Silversmith, Frank Cobb & Co, featuring faux bone handles. The table itself is made from oak and features Barley Twist legs and drop handles.
Price: £190.00

Eclectic collection of Vintage Glass Medicine Bottles, once found in the windows of apothecaries and alchemist. Each bottle is unique in its design and features embossed labels from the individual manufacturer.
Price: £5.00 - £7.50

Handcrafted and durable natural Slate Coasters. Available as a set of four, each coaster has cushioned felt protective pads on the underside corners.
Price: £12.50

Vintage Wooden Shoe Moulds from Northamptonshire shoe and boot-last manufacturer, Mobbs & Lewis Ltd. Each pair is unique and comes with print stamped or engraved detailing, metal springs and plated sole.
Price: £22.50

Happy shopping folks!

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