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Natural materials are having their moment in the spotlight; from marble, warm metals and floral prints, to raw and reclaimed wood. Lighter, honey-coloured woods such as oak, cherry and walnut have also replaced the darker shades we've seen over recent years.

Reclaimed wood has been a favourite of interior designers and trendy bars and eateries for some time now, due to it's natural beauty, character and warmth. No two pieces of wood are ever the same. Add to this the 'lived in' rawness of reclaimed wood and the result is a one-off, original piece of furniture for your home.

Our handcrafted Reclaimed Industrial Wooden Shelving Unit is made from vintage wooden crates, reclaimed solid oak wood top and industrial iron metal frame. Use as storage or shelving in a kitchen, or simply as a decorative statement piece in a living space.

Made from antiqued pewter metal, our three-legged Industrial Adjustable Bar Stool has a reclaimed solid oak seat. Each stool is handcrafted so dimensions of frames and wood grain vary slightly, ensuring each one is unique. Our low antique Rustic Wooden Stools, available in small and large, can be used as seating, a side table or for display.

Finally, our Iron and Wooden Triple Hook, made from reclaimed wood, is both practical and decorative. With autumn just around the corner, it's perfect for hanging a jacket or scarf on in your hallway or porch. Alternatively add a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom and use as a towel hook.

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